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Indium Metal

BAIDAO Indium metal inc professional manufacture indium metal - indium ingot, indium metal - indium ball, indium metal - indium foil, indium metal - indium wire, BAIDAO Indium metal inc is devoted to be the main supplier of indium metal in China.

BAIDAO Indium metal mainly producing:
indium metal - indium ingot purity: 99.99%、99.995%、99.999%、99.9999%
indium metal - indium wire purity: 99.99%、99.995%、99.999% indium metal wire size: 0.5mm,1mm etc..
indium metal - indium foil purity: 99.99%、99.995%、99.999%
indium metal - indium ball purity: 99.99%、99.995%、99.999%

BAIDAO Indium metal inc produces in pure indium metal, indium metal chemical and low melting point alloy forms for use in electronics, solar cells and optics. Indium metal is essential in forming transparent electrodes from indium tin oxide (ITO) in liquid crystal displays (LCD) and touch screens. Indium metal is also used in CIGS-based thin-film solar technologies (copper, indium, gallium, selenium).

indium metal extracted from zinc ores, indium is a silvery lustrous gray metal discovered in 1863 by the German chemists Hieronimus Theodor Richter and Fernidand Reich.

Indium Metal - Indium Ingot
Indium Metal purity: 99.99%-99.999%
Indium Metal MOQ: 1KG
Indium Metal Size: 500g/ingot
Indium Metal price: Request bulk or custom indium metal ingot, Pls send e-mail

Indium Metal Characteristics:
Ductile, shiny, silver-white metal, softer than lead. Soluble in acids. Insoluble in alkalies. Corrosion-resistant at room temperatures, but oxidizes readily at higher temperatures. Non toxic.

Indium could be used in different fields, according to its purity. Primarily used in fusible alloys, solders and flat panel display coatings

1、For the production of a variety of alloy, special solder, coating, the production of high purity indium, etc..
2、 Made of high purity indium indium antimonide, indium arsenide, indium phosphide semiconductor material is good. Germanium and silicon doped elements. Can be used as infrared detector material insb.

Indium Metal Wire
Indium Metal Wire purity: 4N, 4N5, 5N
Indium Metal Wire MOQ: 1KG
Indium Metal Wire Size: 250gram/roll
Indium Metal Wire price: Request bulk or custom indium metal wire, Pls send e-mail

Indium wire is made of refined indium processing, which is a filament, indium wire which is specially developed for high temperature heating, mainly used in vacuum coating! Use proved that it saves more material, its use in volatile speed faster and the required temperature and heating current low, evaporation light is stronger, good composite film on the substrate, so as to achieve the best effect of metal!

Indium Metal Ball
Indium Metal Ball purity: 4N, 4N5, 5N
Indium Metal Ball MOQ: 1KG
Indium Metal Ball Size: 1mm~6mm (can do as customers’ requirement)
Indium Metal Ball price: Request bulk or custom indium metal ball, Pls send e-mail

Indium metal ball mainly application for making Ⅲ-Ⅴ compound semi-conductor, high purity alloy, ultra low temperture cooling, crystal valve, dopent of Germanium and silicon single crystal, ITO,Neuclear safe monitoring, electrical contact element, solder materials.

indium metal foil

Indium Metal Foil
Indium Metal Foil purity: 4N, 4N5, 5N
Indium Metal Foil MOQ: Can Customize
Indium Metal Foil Size: 100x100x0.05mm, 100x100x0.1mm, etc
Indium Metal Foil price: Request bulk or custom indium metal ball, Pls send e-mail

Indium sheet is made from refined indium, which has strong plasticity and ductility.
indium foil widely used in the electronics industry, the conductor of heat, high-tech sealing material (vacuum sealing foil). flat panel display coating, information materials, high temperature superconducting materials, integrated circuits of special solder, high performance alloys and defense, medicine, high purity reagents and other high-tech fields.

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